a quieter space

francesco bigoni : sax, clarinet
emanuele maniscalco : el. piano
rasmus oppenhagen krogh : guitar
luca curcio : bass
jakob høyer : drums

"The music of a quieter space is inspired by the beauty of incomplete traits and unfinished lines, by nuanced and only suggested shapes, by the deep flowers that can be found walking on the bottom of the sea.
Written material and melodic compositions are twisted and stretched together with streams of improvisation and free forms, patiently evolving and attempting to reach higher levels of depth and connection."

free humans + gavino murgia

gavino murgia : soprano sax, vocals
simone bottasso : diatonic accordion, electronics
enrico degani : class. guitar
luca curcio : bass
ruben bellavia : drums


mané fernandes : guitar
luca curcio : bass
simon albertsen : drums

luca curcio | bass player | composer | copenhagen | torino